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Examples of our Work

* From Japanese to English
Impleo produces scripts in English based on original programs in Japanese. We add subtitles and narration to produce an English version of a Japanese program.

* From original language to target language
Impleo also produces scripts in other target languages based on original programs in other source languages. We add subtitles and narration to produce target-language versions of these original programs.

Television and Radio Programs

2006 - From Japanese to English

CategoryProgram Title Script
Synopsis Narration
SST Studio
Documentary(NHK) Synchro-documentary in 3 Cities
Eps. 1: Crashing Speculation
Documentary(NHK) Synchro-documentary in 3 Cities
Eps. 2: Emigrants on the Move
Documentary(NHK) Synchro-documentary in 3 Cities
Eps. 4: Beneath a Sinking Island
Documentary(NHK) The Scarred Land        
Documentary(NHK) Singing in the 20th Year        
Documentary(NHK) Behind the Increase in AIDS        
Documentary(NHK) Conscientious Objectors        
Documentary(NHK) French Chefs in Kyoto    
Documentary(NHK) Saving Refugees Near the Border        
Documentary(NHK) The Island of Death    
Documentary(NHK) Hamas: Six Months On        
Documentary(NHK) The Age of Cute    
Documentary(NHK) Cyborg Revolution      
Documentary(NHK) Asia in a Child's Eyes: For Me and My Grandma      
Documentary(NHK) TOYOTA's Drive to the Top    
Documentary(NHK) Invitation to a Battlefield    
Documentary(NHK) New Silk Road - Episode3
The Path in the Grassland: People of the Wind
Documentary(NHK) New Silk Road - Episode7
Qinghai: Traveling the Road of the Sky
Documentary(NHK) New Silk Road - Episode9
Kashgar: Melody Flows at the Alley of One Thousand Years
Documentary(NHK) New Silk Road - Episode10
Xian: The Eternal Capital
Documentary(NHK) Earth Data Map
Road Map for Peace
Nature(NHK) Water Falls into the Abyss        
Nature(NHK) Giant Panda      
Nature(NHK) The Last Leopard    
Nature(NHK) Yellow Dragon's Colors    
Nature(NHK) Mountainous Sky Caves    
Nature(NHK) Journey to Natural World Heritage Sites
Angel's Great Waterfall
Nature(NHK) The Charm of Four Seasons    
Nature(NHK) Mt. Fuji: A Visual Poem    
Nature(NHK) The Yellow Sand    
Nature(NHK) Kingdom of Fire and Ice    
Arts(NHK) Travelogue of Masterpieces Episode List
(100 episodes)
Children & Education(NHK) Asian Word Traveler: Thai  
Children & Education(NHK) Asian Word Traveler: Vietnam  
Children & Education(NHK) Asian Word Traveler: Indonesia  
Children & Education(NHK)

Nanami's Animal Antics (14 episodes)

Episode 1: Koala and Ostrich
Episode 2: Sea otter, Manta ray, Crab
Episode 3: Cheetah, Platypus and Chameleon
Episode 4: Beetle, Stag Beetle, Praying Mantis, Ladybird
Episode 5: Bear, Dormouse, Crane
Episode 6: Horse, Capybara, Crocodile
Episode 7: Flog, Crab, Hare, Octopus
Episode 8: Kangaroo and Wombat
Episode 9: Rabbit, Squirrel, Flying squirrel
Episode 10: Fish in the sea
Episode 11: Gorilla, Proboscis monkey, Giant otter
Episode 12: Elephant
Episode 13: Lion, Giraffe, Giant panda, Chimpanzee
Episode 14: Penguin, Seal and Polar bear


Globe Walkers (9 episodes)

- Weekend Foster Parents
- Thai Cuisine: To Become the Taste of the World
- India: Striving for a "Life Saving Drug"
- Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam: Coffee Business Heating Up
- Singapore: Attract Foreign Students
- Liverpool, England: Legend of the Beatles
- Bath: Get Back the Good Old Spa!
- Beijing: Solace in Late Night Radio
- Revive Taiwanese Comics


World Strollers (27 episodes)

- Venice
- Oaxaca
- Barcelona
- Tunis
- Lijiang
- Fenghuang Cheng
- Riga
- Cordoba
- Toledo
- Naples
- Taxco
- Prague
- Pusan
- Beijing
- Singapore
- Edinburgh
- Seville
- Xiamen Gulangyu
- Granada
- Malta
- Florence
- Bologna
- Hoi An
- Hue
- Qingdao
- Suzhou
- Chiang Mai

Animation(NHK) Colourcloud Palace        
Animation(NHK) Little Dog Shiba        
Animation(NHK) Nanami-chan (44 episodes)       Superimposing

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