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Examples of our Work

* From Japanese to English
Impleo produces scripts in English based on original programs in Japanese. We add subtitles and narration to produce an English version of a Japanese program.

* From original language to target language
Impleo also produces scripts in other target languages based on original programs in other source languages. We add subtitles and narration to produce target-language versions of these original programs.

Television and Radio Programs

2005 - From Japanese to English

CategoryProgram Title Script
Synopsis Narration
SST Studio
Documentary(NHK) Africa Year Zero
Nigeria: Scramble for Oil
Who Brings Down Poverty?
Documentary(NHK) Africa Year Zero
"Who Will Stop the Genocide?
The Darfur Crisis, The Sudan"
Documentary(NHK) WAR HOSPITAL          
Documentary(NHK) Hungarian Uprising - 13 Days in Budapest -          
Documentary(NHK) Withdrawal from Gaza        
Documentary(NHK) Major Earthquake in the Capital:
Can Tokyo Withstand an Inland Earthquake?
Documentary(NHK) Elections Over Bullets        
Documentary(NHK) Bracing for the Big One      
Documentary(NHK) The Red Wing        
Nature(NHK) Natural Grandeur of the East (24 episodes)          
Arts(NHK) UKIYOE - Pictures of The Floating World -
in The Eyes of A French Cartoonist 
Arts(NHK) Vincent Van Gogh in "Yellow" Arles in 1888          
Arts(NHK) Super Piano Lessons            

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