Crossing Kasaya

1 x 54'

What happens when a 30-year-old Lama walks away from the monastery to become a merchant?
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From the age of 6, Sodar dreamed of becoming a Buddhist monk. But after living that dream for 24 years, he walked away from monastic life to chase success in business and romance. This documentary follows 29-year-old Sodar for 6 years and shows the young Tibetan’s struggle to find contentment in life while trying to balance his ideals with reality in a rapidly evolving China.


Program Info

Title Crossing Kasaya Crossing Kasaya
Duration 54 min. 54分
Location China 中国
Production Format HD
Genre Human documentary ヒューマン・ドキュメンタリー
Director Shi-wei Kang 康 世偉(カン・シーウェイ)